Angels of the Arts

Visual Identity and Design

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Print and Banner

The Hickory Museum of Art Guild is holding their Angels of the Arts annual fund-raiser, for the 42nd year. They are requesting program invitations, indoor banners, and posters. The museum would like an original design to target a new and younger audience.

The design is inspired by the event’s name and the concept of angels as spiritual beings that guard and protect things that are important—such as the arts. To illustrate such a powerful concept, an angel of compassion was digitally rendered and painted in Photoshop.


The idea was to give the angel a human quality– the power of empathy. And because angels are divine spirits, we would perceive them undergoing these emotions on a deeper level. Which explains the golden explosion of the angel (shedding its wings and his heart bursting out). Gold foil was used for the heart and part of its wings, followed by a dispersion of a colorful, water-color palette. The artwork relates to the Guild because they have the role in protecting the art foundation; therefore, they can understand the compassionate emotions that comes from fighting for something you love.


Multi-colored graphics were place on a textured black background for dramatic emphasis. The event description was then strategically laid out to complement the artwork. After the invitation was finished, the artwork was modified to fit the specs for other required collateral.


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