Promote Children's Creativity

Brand Identity

Print and Advertisement

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Promote the non-profit organization, Children’s Creativity, a charity dedicated to expanding children’s creativity. Their activity is providing grants to schools and programs that educate children through creative innovations and artistic guidance. The objective is to create 3 marketing campaigns to reach out to schools, children, and parents.

The first marketing piece is a poster to capture the audience interest and highlight the organization’s message. The image focuses on the quote “No Dreams are too Big”, an encouragement to keep dreaming the impossible. A big staircase is placed in middle of the clouds to act as steps leading towards the star (dream/goal). A small girl (based on scale and proportion to the staircase) is illustrated to depict strong will—she’s ready to conquer her dreams, even if it’s literally too big. All the elements are organized in order of importance, so that readers easily know where to enter and exit each level of hierarchy.


Elements from the poster are integrated into the second and third campaign pieces which consist of an info-graphic and 4-page magazine spread. The info-graphic displays facts from studies and statistics that validate the principle foundation: Children who grow up with opportunities to be creative develop several key skills that contribute to a successful life/career. The magazine spread uses an excerpt from Child Development Specialist, Karen DeBord. The excerpt is visually laid out using photos and graphics to create a visually appealing magazine spread.

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