Greenville Zoo

Brand Identity

Way-finding and Merchandising

Brand Strategy and Positioning

The new marketing initiative for Greenville Zoo requires new branding. The new identity package will consist of a new logo, way-finding systems, and additional marketing merchandise.

When researching the Greenville Zoo, obvious weaknesses and threats accumulated based on its small size. The zoo size became very obvious once compared to its competitors—North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro and and Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. The plan was to turn the zoo weakness into its strength and emphasize the quaint atmosphere.


Due to its small size, the zoo is known for being an easy and fun day trip. Capitalizing on this finding meant targeting families that favor small and intimate settings. The concept was to create a more memorable atmosphere, allowing a private connection with zoo animals that you can only get at Greenville Zoo.


The logo uses geometric shapes. The word Zoo is scaled up to create visual contrast in size. To create closure, all the cap letters “Greenville” is segmented in-between and aligned to the word “Zoo”. A nice geometric shape was worked around the logo, to complement and encase the type.


Pale blue and green were used for the logo to bring a sense of warmth and intimacy. Wood, marble, brick, and glass were brought into the way-finding (keeping with the natural theme).


All of these materials created a harmonious nature motif and a strong conceptual foundation; building a deeper connection between the audience and the zoo.

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