Herb Lubalin's Brochure

Visual Identity and Design

Print and Copy Writing

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Research the graphic designer, Herb Lubalin. Create a tri-fold brochure as a “tribute” describing his life, work, and contribution to the design field.

Knowing that Herb Lubalin saw no limitations in design and pushed back boundaries for an entire generation of designers, the objective was to pay tribute to what he had accomplished by basing the brochure on his vision and most prominent works. Herb Lubalin is notably recognized for his expressive typography. Therefore, Lubalin’s most famous typographic logos were laid in a continuous frame from left to right – to justify his design style of bold imagery.


Some of Lubalin’s works consisted of a lot of overlapping. His color palettes were very minimal—mostly comprised of black, white, and blue. As a result, Lubalin’s use of minimal color palettes and overlying letters, motivated the vision for the brochure.


Lubalin favored simple and functional designs rather than complicated designs. To carry his style into a pleasing composition, the rule of thirds was used to divide the content vertically and horizontally – keeping the composition clean.


Lubalin’s work aesthetic is replicated into a purposeful layout by arranging a continuous line of imagery, using a limited color palette, and repeating numerical typography throughout the brochure.

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