Sasquatch! Music Festival

Visual Identity and Design

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Print and Website

The Sasquatch! Music Festival is seeking a new theme and additional elements for their 2016 concert. The artwork should represent their strong culture, while appealing to their audience of music enthusiasts that enjoy the great outdoors. They are also in need of a website and new design for their ticket and direct mail prints.

The plan for the Sasquatch! Music Festival poster is to work with their strength­—which is their large and remote scenery. When researching the festival, there were several reviews that commented on how clear and crisp the sound quality was compared to other festivals.


To give attention to the festival music quality – stereo speakers set the backdrop. The music is so crisp and clear that you can noticeably see all the low and high frequency waves projected out of the Sasquatch chest (even without the headphones jack hooked in). The Sasquatch is in such an amazing trance, that his eyes and nails are colored orange.


The poster elements are carried into creating new direct mail and ticket medias. The two pieces are modern layouts that present the festival information and branding in a new up-to-date trend.


A parallax website was created through Adobe Muse to reinstate the poster concept and broadcast more information about the festival.


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